Hakeem Syed Abdul Ghaffar Agha launched Agha Herbal in 2009 and invented some herbal products for hair, skin, teeth, and digestive system and pure honey and providing to all new era of yore adroit. He practices as a herbal consultant in Organic Body Balance Institute, where all facilities are available for our good health i.e. Aerobics, Yoga, Gym, Massage, Herbal Jacuzzi, Herbal Steam Bath, Sauna Bath, Aromatherapy, Dietitian, Gynaecologist & Foot Management is being introduce in Pakistan by him for the first time & now arranging for Organic Healing Centre at rural area.

He has success stories that make him a wonderful role model. He is a man who not only dared to dream, but also had the courage to transform the dream into reality. Today he rests on his laurels comfortably and spends the major part of his time in herbal era.

Herbal Formulas

The Agha promise is, quite simply, the promise of a richer life through natural products that improve health and well-being.Our product range includes "Head-to-Heel" Health Care. Our well-researched herbal solutions benefit you and your family, naturally.
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